‘Mindfulness Inside Out’

– online mindfulness training courses for workplace stress reduction

Unlock the power of the clear mind, from the inside out


Stress is our reaction to the world around us.

You can learn to react differently, from the inside out.

That way, however tough life gets, you can cope and flourish.

Take our free 7 day challenge

Why not trial some simple mindfulness exercises in our 7 day challenge?

We email you one exercise each day. All are simple, most only take a few minutes, and some are just about doing things in a different way.

This will give you a taste of mindfulness practice, and it’s free. Even if you do no more, these simple techniques can be used for a lifetime.


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Mindfulness in 6 minutes

You’re dead busy, over-worked, and too stressed to do anything about it.


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Online mindfulness training

We’ve created a really straightforward full mindfulness course using videos, audio files, notes, & exercises, with individual help if you need it. Watch, listen and do the exercises as often as you like, with lifetime access.


  • a calmer, clearer mind
  • better focus on tasks in hand
  • to cope more easefully with difficulties
  • to get along better with others

It works – but don’t take our word for it

Mindfulness training is a proven model for workplace stress reduction.
94% of  our students report ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’ results.

Here’s some of their feedback:

“ I am more focused, I worry less, I trust myself more and I find it easier to make decisions.  I feel my mind is sharper, I can retain more information and be more productive.” LD, Dec 15

“The busy world has not gone away yet I somehow feel more in tune, more aware, clearer, more relaxed and less fearful.  Thank you Simon, the learning is immeasurable.” SS, Mar 16

Guidance from an expert

I’m Simon. I bring together 20 years of mindfulness practice, with business advisory skills, to help reduce workplace stress through mindfulness training.

I’ve developed this online training to make mindfulness accessible and relevant to everyday life, especially in the work environment.

I introduce every element of the training on video, and you can contact me directly to get individual help or coaching.

Simon Michaels

Speak to Simon confidentially on 07970 498213