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Mindfulness in 6 minutes

A mindfulness course for the super-busy and highly-stressed

You’re dead busy, over-worked, and too stressed to do anything about it.

You really want to do things well, and you’d just love to leave the stress behind, clear your mind, focus better, and be less affected by difficult colleagues.
Is that you?

If you can find three minutes, twice a day, I can help you, now. Before you crack up.
Give yourself a break. Do it.

Here’s how it works:

  • I will email you every weekday, for 20 days.
  • Each email has an audio file with a simple exercise, to be practised twice a day.
  • It may be a guided meditation.
  • It may be an instruction to do something different in your routine.
  • It may be a challenge to seek out the positives around you.
  • Or just to be kind, to you, or to others.

I guarantee that you will start to clear your mind and enjoy life better.
It costs £30 –  less than the price of a coffee each day.

You’ll also get access to our resource library with over 80 articles and guided meditations. All mobile friendly.

We’ll also keep you on track with regular updates every 2 weeks or so, for as long as you remain a member, which costs about the same as 2 coffees each month. You can de-register any time.

If you really want to stop the cycle of stress, this could be a great way to start. Here’s what the latest student has just said:

” These exercises are working fantasticly for me and I am noticing a hugely positive change in my mood and a strong feelng of motivation generally.  Thank you thank you :)”

What’s more, I’m here to support you, so email me any time.


Click here if you want to sign up now.

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