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Simon’s mindfulness blog

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Don’t Fight With The Present – Really?

This phrase is trolled out every now and then. Mostly I’m wary of one-liners. I think they get used by people to sound cool and wise, but I often wonder whether the person uttering it understands what they mean fully. However, this one-liner is profound. I’ll explain...

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The Secret Of Practice: Don’t.

Hi. I‘ve just walked back home from collecting an overnight bag from my daughter’s friend, where she did a sleepover. This is a few hours before the Wales England match, when my focus of concentration will be at its highest. However, on the walk back I dropped into a...

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The Way Of Un

How To Awaken With No Effort So here we are in January with the holiday season behind us. Our lovely recent guest has gone, so this weekend it was time to dis-assemble the guest bed in the practice room. It’s held together with 8 bolts. In case you think...

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Thank You For My Apple

Thank you Virgin Trains for transporting me across the country as I write this, and Apple for my wonderful Macbook Pro. Thank you Nick the fruit grower at the market for the amazing apple I’m munching, and for the rain and sun and apple cultivar breeders….shall I go...

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