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Free resources 

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Stress check tool

In under 10 minutes this test may help you break down an overwhelming sense of stress or anxiety into manageable chunks. Fill out the pdf form and discuss with others.  It includes tips on addressing work overload, improving relationships at work, and taking care of yourself.


3 minute guided meditation 

This quick guided meditation mp3 will help you to calm down fast.
Listen any time you need it, on the mobile or at the desk.
This is the first mp3 in the ‘6 Minutes’ course.



E-book – 5 Key Actions to Tackle Workplace Stress

A 20 page guide for team leaders identifying the causes and effects of workplace stress, and five ket actions areas. Includes a template for developing a workplace strategy.


How it works – a brief introduction to the science and art of mindfulness

Five key actions to tackle worksplace stress