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Unlock the power of the clear mind, from the inside out, with online mindfulness training


If you or your staff are amongst the 55% of us experiencing workplace stress…

then you need a cost effective, proven way to stay motivated, work at your best, and create a happy working environment.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So let’s narrow down the issues to help you find some answers…


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How online mindfulness training can help you and your team

It works – but don’t take our word for it

Mindfulness training is a proven model for workplace stress reduction.
94% of  our students report ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’ results.

Here’s some of their feedback:

“ I am more focused, I worry less, I trust myself more and I find it easier to make decisions.  I feel my mind is sharper, I can retain more information and be more productive.” LD, Dec 15

“The busy world has not gone away yet I somehow feel more in tune, more aware, clearer, more relaxed and less fearful.  Thank you Simon, the learning is immeasurable.” SS, Mar 16

Guidance from an expert

I’m Simon. I bring together 20 years of mindfulness practice, with business advisory skills, to help reduce workplace stress through mindfulness training.

I’ve developed this online training to make mindfulness accessible and relevant to everyday life, especially in the work environment.

Please contact me directly to talk through your circumstances, or to get individual help or coaching.

Simon Michaels

Speak to Simon confidentially
on 07970 498213