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(Enlightened, stress-free beings need not read this)

Online trainingIf you’re not quite yet fully enlightened, and life and work continues to be stressful, read on! I may be able to help.

A recent survey of what drains us most showed that it’s about money, work, relationships, health and time pressures. At work, it’s mostly about overload and difficult colleagues.

Given the times we’re in, these stresses are not likely to go away. This is your life, right now as you read this. You want to be happier and more satisfied. So what are you going to do about it? If the external world is giving you no slack, you have to resource yourself, from the inside out.

So I’ve made it simpler to get the tools you need to help you do this.

The online mindfulness training is now based on a £5 per month membership plan. That’s the price of two coffees a month.

There are 2 membership offers – the first includes the Mindfulness in 6 Minutes course, and the second adds the full 9 week course. Both give you access to our resource library of over 80 articles and guided meditations. I’m adding new materials every week to keep you in touch with it. And it’s all mobile friendly, so you can dip in whenever it suits and wherever you are.

For those of you who are already members, here’s the link to the new Resource library.

If you’re not yet registered, check out what you’ll get here.

Getting a bit calmer and more clear-headed may be easier than you think.

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