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Mindfulness training online:
‘Mindfulness Inside Out’

Unlock the power of the clear mind, from the inside out

Mindfulness at workWant to do a mindfulness course but can’t find the time? An online course may be the answer.

You can do the training when it suits you, and watch, listen or read the materials as often as you like, including on your mobile.

We’re now offering this on a membership basis of just £5 per month, with access to a huge resource library that’s always being added to.

The full 9 week course is designed around the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction model and the Google SIY programme, with a focus on reducing stress at work.

A simpler course, for super-busy people, is the quick and easy Mindfulness in 6 minutes course.

Or start with the free 7 Day Challenge taster.

Check out the options and prices.

What our students are saying…

“I am more able to take a deep breath and pause when faced with challenging situations, and I am generally calmer and more able to ‘go with the flow’ of what life throws at me. I am also more compassionate and forgiving towards myself and those around me.” FC, November 2015

“Work and life pressures no longer have the ‘sting’ they appeared to have prior to developing mindfulness. Similar events still happen but the way I react has improved.” JC,  Dec 2015

“Your approach has helped me to understand the importance of being present in each moment, of learning to let go and become more tranquil, less judgmental and more compassionate. Work seems easier, though just as demanding.” CP, Feb 2016

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