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Mindfulness training online: ‘Mindfulness Inside Out’

Unlock the power of the clear mind, from the inside out

Module 1: Clearing the mind 

johnMindfulness is really easy. It’s about learning how to clear the mind, stay present, tune-in to our response patterns, and react differently. In simple terms, it’s about developing new habits.

We’ve developed a unique 4 Module programme to guide you, clearly and simply, in this process of changing your world from the inside out.

In Module 1 we focus on mindful breathing or mindful listening exercises to calm and clear the mind.

Stressed at workWork is tough in this age of austerity and competition. This means that most of us are expected to do more with less, or to take on new roles in re-formed teams. Add to that problems with managers, colleagues, or clients, and it’s no wonder we get stressed!

However, there is a proven way to cope and flourish, however frantic life gets. That’s through mindfulness.

At its core, this works because stress is our reaction to the world around us. We can learn to take control and react differently.

The Module contains:

  • introductory information about mindfulness
  • four lessons with a video introduction, course notes, and exercises
  • guided meditations and explanatory videos

We also include a log book (please download and complete on your computer), as recording your progress helps embed the learning, and can contribute to CPD (continuing professional development) certification.

Once signed up you have unlimited lifetime access, so you can watch, read and listen to the materials as often as you like.

You can join a private Facebook page to share with others, and get private coaching if you need it.

You’re free to unsubscribe and get a full refund within 7 days (see terms).

Module 1 forms the foundation for the full 4 Module course.

We strongly recommend that you compete all the modules, but even from this module you can expect to learn a lot and start to build a more mindful way of living. In particular, you will probably:

  • Observe how busy our minds are, and that we’re often caught up in the past or the future
  • Notice the tendency to judge ourselves and others
  • Recognise that we often operate on Autopilot
  • Realise that we’re mostly in ‘Doing’ mode, keeping busy or distracted
  • Start to appreciate the value of ‘Being’ mode
  • Learn the core practices of mindful breathing and mindful listening
  • Catch a glimpse of the underlying clarity of the calm mind
  • Find ways to pause and tune-in, in the middle of a busy day

Courses start on fixed dates so that you interact with a cohort of students and with me.  We will invite you to join a private Facebook group and we’ll hold weekly live webinars. You also get unlimited access to the course materials and our resource library of over 80 articles and guided meditations, so you can go back over as often as you like. It’s all mobile friendly. Plus you’ll get new materials and tips at least twice a month.

Next start date: 25th April 2017

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Our promise: If you don’t like the course, you’ve got 10 days to get a 100% refund.