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Mindfulness training online: ‘Mindfulness Inside Out’

Unlock the power of the clear mind, from the inside out

Module 2: The body     

This is the second of four modules in a full mindfulness course.Calm and focused

If you’ve just completed Module 1, welcome back!

This module is about working with the body – our secret weapon in re-training our mind!

By tuning-in to the feelings in the body, we learn to recognise signs of stress more quickly than our brains can. This gives us more emotional intelligence, and an early warning system.

This Module contains:

  • introductory information about mindfulness in the body
  • three lessons with a video introduction, course notes, and exercises
  • guided meditations and explanatory videos

We also include the log book for this stage, as recording your progress helps embed the learning, and can contribute to CPD (continuing professional development) certification.

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In a busy, active environment, bombarded with stimuli from emails to billboards, it’s no surprise that we mostly live in our heads. 

Yet our bodies are incredibly sensitive instruments, and in many ways a much better gauge of our emotional life, than our busy minds.

A key tool in developing mindfulness is to tune-in to our body. We cannot think ourselves into a clear and calm mind-state.

Dealing with difficult emotions, for example, can be addressed much more quickly by tuning-in to the feelings in our body; in fact trying to resolve difficult thoughts by thinking alone, will often lead to more confusion. When people ask what our gut feeling is, it means exactly that.

So, with practice, we can learn to recognise internal body feelings such as the effects of specific emotions, and get quicker at noticing tension arising.

By becoming more aware of body sensations, externally and internally, we can access an incredible reserve of emotional intelligence. This Module begins the process of retraining to get out of our heads a little, and back into our bodies.

If you practice the exercises in this Module, in particular the body scan and mindful walking, every day for at least 2 weeks, you should begin to notice changes taking place – which will of course deepen if you continue the practice for longer.

The outcomes include:

  • Learning how to become more familiar with body feelings
  • Developing simple stretching or yoga exercises
  • Practising two types of mindful walking 
  • Getting more creative in integrating body awareness into daily life
  • Starting to recognise signs of stress and emotions arising in the body

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See the introduction to Module 3.

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Module 2 Schedule

Lesson 1 – Tuning-in and body scan

Lesson 2 – Warming up and moving

Lesson 3 – Mindful walking


Module 2 Log Book