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Module 3:  Habits and responses      


Training Neuroscience DevelopmentThis Module is about understanding a bit more about how our brains work, and the way we build habits and patterns of response to the world around us.

In a nutshell, everything that we take to be real, fixed and solid, is in fact just what our minds create. Our experience of the world out there, is actually created in our heads, and from surprisingly little real information.

We spend a lot of time worrying about the past and distorting our memories in the process, or fretting about the future. Both these mental activities predispose us to acting and experiencing events in a habitual way.

But the good news is that we have a choice. We can re-frame our understanding and respond differently, and in doing so establish new, appropriate behaviours.

When we recognise patterns in ourselves, we can develop emotional intelligence – both in monitoring our own emotions, and those of others. This leads to better interactions and leadership skills.

We also limit our experience of the world because we’re creatures of habit. By creating new habits, the old ones may fade away.

There’s a lot in this Module, so we suggest that you give it 3 weeks to complete. Here are the main sections:

  • an exploration of truth and fiction – realising that what we understand and believe about the world out there, is actually mostly what we construct in here (our heads)
  • we’ll learn to recognise our patterns of thought and emotional response, and how we can re-frame how we think about events
  • with this, we can explore and develop emotional intelligence, to tune-in better to our own and others’ feelings
  • we then practice opening up our natural capacity for attention, and actively seeking to find the positive in what’s around us
  • finally we’ll adopt new, positive habits

We also include the log book for this stage, and the Facebook page is a good place to share with others. Remember that whenever your feel the need, you can get private support through coaching if you need it.

There’s a lot to learn in this Module.

Some of this requires some study, so that you really understand the principles and the science behind our mind’s workings!

However, as with the rest of this course, the real change comes only from the direct experience of doing the exercises, every day if possible.

If you put in the work, in particular by recognising old patterns and proactively developing new positive habits, you should start to see how stresses reduce and the fun starts to return.

The outcomes include:

  • beginning to recognise our learned patterns of response to challenging situations
  • becoming more emotionally intelligent
  • opening up our innate capacity for ‘unfiltered’ attention
  • seeing more of the positive in what’s around us
  • developing new, healthy and fun habits

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