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Module 4: Being with Others  

Colleagues taking a breakThis Module is about mostly about kindness. It includes exercises to build our habits of kindness, empathy and generosity.

This is not just new-age idea, it’s right at the heart of the practice. It’s actually about the most effective thing you can do for your own happiness and success in work and play.

It builds on the emotional intelligence you’ve worked on, and focuses on selfless attention. Selflessness is, counter-intuitively, a hugely powerful approach in getting on better with others and in career development.

There exercises in this Module include:

  • exploring the power of kindness, empathy and generosity
  • recognising that we, and all living things, are connected and inter-dependent
  • reviewing what you’ve learned and taking time to think about what you can do to keep the practice going

We also include the log book for this final stage, and the Facebook page is a good place to share with others. Remember that whenever your feel the need, you can get private support through coaching if you need it.

If you develop the habit of kindness, I promise that your world will change before your eyes…for the better. That’s almost all I need to say, as you need to have the experience for yourself to believe it.

Along the way, the exercises will:

  • strengthen our natural capacity for empathy
  • show us that selflessness is an incredibly effective approach in getting on well with others and getting better results
  • confirm that kindness is good for us, as well as others
  • appreciate the support of all of life’s web around us
  • help others to feel better and appreciated, so they will be happier and perform better

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Module 4 Schedule

Lesson 1: Kindness

Lesson 2: Empathy

Lesson 3: We’re all connected

Lesson 4 : Generosity

Summary of Module 4 – and the whole course

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Module 4 Log Book

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