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Analysing your situation

These are challenging times for senior executives or business owners. For many organisations, there’s a need for greater efficiency as budgets become tighter, yet the political pressure for results is increasing! The rate and pace of change, and the resulting impacts or re-structuring, inevitably creates a climate of uncertainty or stress for managers, teams and employees.

To meet this situation, we need to develop a more agile, flexible and resilient workforce.

Happily, mindfulness can really help. Post-programme research at AF Insurance showed a 76% improvement in focus and team functionality, and research by the University of Warwick in 2011 found that ‘happier workers were 12 percent more productive, whilst unhappier workers were 10 percent less productive.’ As leaders, we also need to be well resourced and lead by example.

Our training focuses on helping people to build personal strength and emotional intelligence, and work better in teams to common values.

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How your organisation can adjust to change and the stress it causes

In today’s work environment there’s more stress than ever. As a senior manager or business owner, we have to find cost & time effective ways to address stress impacts, before we lose key staff or motivation & productivity drops.

For most people, work is the number 1 stress factor. 30% of staff in any year will suffer anxiety to the point of taking time off, and when they do the average time off is 23 days.

So how does mindfulness training work? It’s very simple. The brain develops neural pathways that equate to habits of response to similar situations. Neuroscience shows us that the brain is plastic. We can change our brains, and change our lives. It just takes regular practice of some really straightforward exercises.

As a Board member for several organisations, I’m very aware of the need to help staff avoid burn out, and that the best business is a happy one. But training can be costly.

So, as well as doing in-house training, I’ve also developed online programmes that cost very little and can be done whenever it suits, whether at work or at home, or on the move. And it really works.

A business owner who’s doing the 9 week course said:  ‘The most astonishing benefit I have experienced is an improved ability to cope with huge amounts of stress and pressure from my work and home demands.’  Read John’s story

Research by McCubbin et al Nov 2014 showed a positive impact on physical and mental health, work productivity, and reduction in healthcare utilization, at least for one year afterwards.

Sue, training manager at Pembrokeshire County Council said: ‘Taking care of our employees, by investing their wellbeing, is crucial. We’re genuinely trying to help them to manage difficult issues, increase their resilience and help them to deal better with stress.   One of the ways we’re doing this is with mindfulness training.’  Read Sue’s story 

The courses

My courses are designed for busy people with lots of demands!

How does it work? All the courses have an online format, with regular emails that tell you exactly what to do each day. Online resources include videos, quick and longer guided meditations, articles and work-focused practical steps. 94 % of my students report ‘significant’ or ‘amazing’ results.   Where needed I also offer individual coaching.

‘Mindfulness and meditation training in a high-stress information environment indicated improved capacity for multitasking, staying on tasks longer, less negative emotion after task performance, and improved memory for the tasks they performed.’ University of Washington Seattle, 2012

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