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Sound and silence

A retreat exploring sound as a medium in meditation
for deepening our experiential awareness.

Maitreya House, near Abergavenny, Feb 16th 5pm – 19th 3pm, 2017

house-eveningThis three day retreat is designed for meditation and mindfulness practitioners who have as a minimum completed an 8 week mindfulness course, or have equivalent experience. It will also suit seasoned practitioners who wish to deepen their practice.

Thursday evening will be a time to settle in and discuss the format of the retreat, after a light meal (so arrival is sggested by 6pm). There will be sleep and dream instructions.

Friday will be an exploratory and fun day, working with different sound meditations in nature. We’ll also have a 2 hour session with a voice coach exploring our own capacity to make sounds and their effect on us and on others!

Saturday will be the heart of the retreat, and we’ll be in silence. We’ll start early, and this will be an opportunity for deepening tranquillity, with the framework of the listening practices – including listening to silence. Simon will closely guide those with less experience, while creating the opportunity for a more private retreat time for the more seasoned practitioners.

On Sunday morning, we’ll continue the practices, with the opportunity for private interviews. We will finish with a mindfully prepared and eaten lunch, and then review and reflect on the retreat after lunch.

Simon will lead the retreat and guide the tone of what goes on, but everyone is there to share in this work, contribute as they can, and support each other.


Book now   Cost for accommodation, food and teaching is £285.

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