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Tackling workplace stress

Stress is a huge problem in the workplace. A Health and Safety Executive survey found that on average 31 days are lost is an employee takes leave due to stress, anxiety or depression.  55% of employees feel that working has an adverse effect on their mental well-being, and 34% feel an inability to cope with stress caused by work.

The factors which cause stress are numerous. But here are some of the most common:

  • a feeling of being not in control, or having a poorly defined role and set of responsibilities
  • a workload which is too high with impossible deadlines, or too low with little challenge
  • poor pay or working conditions
  • difficulty with other people, particularly line managers and team working
  • a sense of being undervalued or taken for granted

Mindfulness training can make a huge difference, both to help managers identify risk factors and signs of stress, and in helping individuals and teams in stressful environments.

We have developed a programme to tackle stress. See outline table below, and read full outline.