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Terms & Conditions, and Privacy:

Mindful Work and Mindfulness Inside Out courses


The basis of our work and disclaimer

Mindfulness is a wonderful practice. It helps us explore how our mind works. This process of exploration can be uncomfortable and challenging at times.

For this reason, we do not recommend that anyone with chronic or acute depression, anxiety or other significant mental health problems or instability embarks on a mindfulness programme, at least without the close support of a health professional.

Responsibility for mental health impacts rests with the user or his/her health professional.

Mindfulness, whilst deeply therapeutic, is not a therapy as such. It is not a replacement for counseling or other therapeutic, psychological or medical interventions.

Rather, it is an opportunity for growth and unfolding.

Privacy policy

We will hold a database of contact information for all individuals and organisations with whom we have had contact in the course of our professional activities. This will be used for internal marketing purposes only. Contact details will be held also in a Mailchimp list that we will use for sending occasional emails.

We will not share your information with any other party.

Cancellation policy

If bookings for retreats, training or coaching are made and cancelled at short notice for any reason, we may not fill that time again, so we lose the fee-earning opportunity. Therefore we hope that you will be happy with our cancellation policy as follows:

Face to face coaching & training: if cancelled more than than 1 month before the booked time: 50% will be returned; later than this, no refund is payable.

If training or coaching has to be cancelled for health reasons in the course of the training, or if the coach considers that the work should terminate during its course for any reason, that session will be payable in full but a full refund or pro-rata refund will be made for any subsequent bookings.

Online courses: for the ‘9 week’ course only, the full fee paid will be returned if cancellation is requested within 10 days of registration; later than this, no refund is payable. Other courses are not refundable.

Retreats: if cancelled more than than 1 month before the booked time: 50% of fully paid fees will be returned; later than this, no refund is payable.  Deposits are not refundable.