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Mindfulness training online:
‘Mindfulness Inside Out’

 – a full mindfulness course for busy people


This course is the equivalent of the common 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course….but designed to address work-related stress.

You do it when you can; so you never miss a class and get behind! And research shows that online programmes work just as well as workshop based courses.

You’ll join a group of students all starting on the same day and interact with each other via a private Facebook group. Weekly live webinars with Simon and regular emails keep you on track and allow you to share worries and successes.

There’s also far more material than can be covered in 8 workshop sessions (17 videos, 11 audio files, 53 pages & 15 exercises, and access to our resource library with over 80 articles and guided meditations), and it comes at a much lower cost (£95).

Next start date is: 25th April 2017.

We limit numbers on each course, so let us know right away if you’d like to be included.
To apply for a place on the next course, with no obligation to sign up, please pre-register now.  We’ll get right back to you.


See a 3 minute video about the course:

The full Mindfulness Inside Out course is based on a Four Module format.
You can view the introductory page of each module by following these links:

go-red-30Module 1 is about the Breathing for a clear mind. In this stage we introduce the basic concepts and some core exercises, including staying present, learning to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’,  mindful breathing or listening, and a simple yoga practice – view now.

go-red-30Module 2 is about Tuning in to the Body. This develops our awareness of emotions arising in the body – a highly effective early warning system, which helps us put a gap between events and reactions. It also introduces mindfulness in movement so that the practice beds more and more into everyday activities.

go-red-30Module 3 is about Habits and Responses. We’ll explore how our patterns of behaviour and reactions to difficulties are learnt, but can change.  We’ll also focus on creating a positive outlook and establish new, wholesome habits.

go-red-30Module 4 is about Being with Others. We’ll see how bringing goodwill and generosity into our daily lives in an intentional way, creates a positive interactions – and we’ll see how this builds our emotional intelligence and non-material happiness.

This is a unique chance for you do do something amazing – for you, and for others.

simon-with-ivy-smallSimon says: “I’ve been teaching mindfulness for 5 years and practising for 20. I continue to attend regular retreats and teaching, as this is a lifetime’s exploration. The difference it has made to my life has been fundamental – I seem to be able to cope with impossible workloads, I’m much more tolerant and empathetic with other people, and in combination that means that my work just flows these days. Plus I’m simply happier and understand my purpose better.  My genuine aim for this training is to help you get to the same place.

One student put it simply: “The practice of mindfulness has become a hugely important part of my life, both at home and in work. I find that I am more able to take a deep breath and pause when faced with challenging situations, and I am generally calmer and more able to ‘go with the flow’ of what life throws at me. I am also more compassionate and forgiving towards myself as well as to those around me.” Fiona C 

Another said: “Work and life pressures no longer have the ‘sting’ they appeared to have prior to developing mindfulness. Similar events still happen but the way I react has
 John C 

Research by McCubbin et al Nov 2014 showed a positive impact on physical and mental health, work productivity, and reduction in healthcare utilization, at least for one year afterwards.

Remember that alongside the course materials, I’ll email you every few days to help keep you on track. You also get access to our complete library of resources, and regular new materials and exercises sent through for as long as your membership runs. You can also email me, and interact with others on the courses.

We limit numbers on each course, so let us know right away if you’d like to be included.
To apply for a place on the next course, with no obligation to sign up, please pre-register now.  We’ll get right back to you.


Our promise: if you don’t like the course, you’ve got 10 days to get a 100% refund.

Does it work online?…

“I’m now working with the online course, which is clear, concise and provides me with email links to the content, making it easy to keep practicing. It only takes me a minute to be mindful, the benefits are timeless.” JC Aug 2016

“We’re looking at using Simon’s online training modules, as cost effective way to make mindfulness more accessible to staff and help our training budgets to go further.” Pembs County Council July 2016