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Leah Sian DaviesLeah Sian Davies is a coach working with young people, families, and drug and alcohol addiction. Mindfulness practice has had surprising results for her:

“As a self-employed person I spend a lot of my day alone, mindfulness has made me more aware of how self-critical I can be and initially this was really hard to take. Through the training, workshops and retreats I have been through with Simon, I have learned to see my inner critic for what it is – ‘passing thoughts’ and not the truth. This is a huge relief and even though it still happens I am able to notice it, let it go and move on without allowing it to stop me doing what I really want to do.

Because of this I am braver in my business and able to do things that challenge me, I have even started to enjoy public speaking, which was something I thought I could never do.

After attending a  3 day retreat with Simon, I noticed a change in my energy levels in the mornings. I have never been a morning person and always felt sluggish and quite low in my mood. 6 months on and I am able to get up earlier, feel more refreshed and look forward to my day.

For me, since practicing mindfulness I feel I have a sense of peace inside of me that I can access even when times are hard. It’s as if the bad stuff might still happen, but I really trust that I am strong enough to handle it and know I can be happy.”

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